Raakamah is a Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign ran for the Gaming and Role-Playing Society (GARPS) at the University of Reading on Spring 2016. The foundation of the campaign is the notion of the eponymous extraplanar city of 'Raakamah' where members of different monstrous races have been spirited away and forced to form some semblance of a civilized society together. The city itself is a supposedly endless ziggurat crusted with sprawling blocks of vaguely oriental architecture mostly taken over by the savage inhabitants. Underneath this surface, the ziggurat houses an endless, sprawling dungeon.

This campaign page acts as a repository for whatever ideas are thought up for the game, as Raakamah lacks a preplanned structure and narrative. These include events, encounters, characters, and items to be used as the situation allows during actual gameplay. The journal of the progression of the game session per session is also recorded here.

Raakamah, City of Monsters

Misty road