Armour of Guarded Rest


Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

This holy symbol of the Masked One has become host to its blessing in the form of a set of armour which can be called forth with a silent prayer. The armour is a set of half-plate made of dull, darkened silver. It sports various half-formed face designs across, and these take on the visages of those trapped inside as their souls are collected by the armour. Eerily, the face in the helmet is always modelled after the original user of the item.

The holy symbol has the following properties:

Summon Armour. As a bonus action, the user attuned to the holy symbol may grasp it and perform a silent prayer to summon or dismiss a suit of armour which spread across their body from the amulet when called. This armour counts as a set of Half-Plate Armor (AC 15 + Dex Mod (up to 2); Disadvantage).

Adamantine. The mystical material resembling oxidised silver is superbly hard and has the hardness of adamantine. While the armour is summoned, any critical hit against the wearer becomes a normal hit.

Host Soul. As an action, the person wearing the armour summoned by the amulet may touch a dying living creature with Intelligence 3 or higher to instantly kill it and permanently capture their soul inside the armour. Up to 6 creatures’ souls may be preserved this way. After a soul is preserved in the armour, the creature cannot be returned to life unless a wish spell is used to free its soul in the presence of the armour to free the soul first. If the attuned user of the armour would die while wearing the armour, their soul is instead captured within the armour but they may be brought back to life normally if the amulet is within 10ft. when the spell is cast. Any creature whose soul has been imprisoned by the armour may communicate telepathically with the attuned user of the amulet at any time when the amulet is worn. The armour also grants an additional bonus to its user’s armor class equal to half the number of souls willing to cooperate with the user which are contained by the armour (up to a bonus of +3).


Armour of Guarded Rest

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