Blade of Soul's Requiem


Weapon (dagger), very rare (requires attunement)

This dark dagger seemingly made from oxidised silver has a simple design and lack a hilt. Its pommel is adorned by a black ball of unknown origin, wherein reflections of the souls trapped inside can occasionally be seen.

The dagger has the following properties:

Sacrificial Instrument. If the user reduces a living creature with Intelligence 3 or higher to 0 hit points or successfully hits a dying applicable creature with the dagger, they can use a bonus action to capture the soul of the creature, killing them instantly. As long as its soul is imprisoned in the dagger, the creature cannot be returned to life unless a wish spell is used to free its soul in the presence of the dagger to free the soul first. If the soul is used to fuel the dagger’s other ability, it is lost forever and the creature cannot be returned to life through any means. Any creature whose soul is being imprisoned by the dagger may communicate telepathically with the attuned user of the amulet at any time the dagger is held.

Adamantine. The mystical material resembling oxidised silver is superbly hard and has the hardness of adamantine. The dagger counts as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Tool of Darkness. As an action, a warlock may expend a soul imprisoned in the dagger, permanently destroying it, to regain one of their spell slots immediately.

Brand of Darkness. The dagger holds up to 3 charges. While it is held, the user may expend one or more charges to cast the spell branding smite (see p. 220 of the Player’s Handbook for details) as a bonus action. Using more than one charge counts as using a higher level spell slot and increases the damage dealt by 1d6 per additional charge used. The spell cast using the dagger deals necrotic rather than radiant damage. The user may expend a soul imprisoned in the dagger, permanently destroying it, as an action to regain 1d3 charges,


Blade of Soul's Requiem

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