Choker of Final Wish


Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement)

Made of a dull grey metal akin to oxidised silver, this choker has an adornment with multiple small metal bricks which form a diagonal cross that focuses its power on the user’s throat.

The choker has the following properties:

Trap Soul. The user attuned to the choker may capture the soul of a living creature with at least 3 Intelligence touching a dying applicable creature and using a mental command as an action. Doing so instantly kills the creature As long as its soul is imprisoned in the choker, the creature cannot be returned to life unless a wish spell is used to free its soul in the presence of the choker to free the soul first. If the soul is used to fuel the choker’s other ability, it is lost forever and the creature cannot be returned to life through any means. Any creature whose soul is being imprisoned by the choker may communicate telepathically with the attuned user of the choker at any time the choker is worn.

Word of Recall. Once per day, as an action, the user may expend a soul imprisoned in the dagger, permanently destroying it, to cast word of recall (see p. 289 of the Player’s Handbook for details). This ability is activated automatically if the character attuned to the choker fails a death saving throw a second time after falling to 0 hit points. The ability affects each willing ally (up to five creatures) within 5 feet when it activates.

Command. The choker holds up to 3 charges. While it is worn, the user may expend one or more charges to cast the spell command (see p. 223 of the Player’s Handbook for details) as an action. The user may expend a soul imprisoned in the choker, permanently destroying it, as an action to regain 1d3 charges,.


Choker of Final Wish

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