Minor NPCs


Despite appearing in the form of a venerable orc matron, Katala is actually an annis hag (see p. 159 of Volo's Guide to Monsters) in disguise. She has many of her adopted children help her with everyday chores, appearing to not remember their names, just calling them whatever. In effect, Katala acts as though she has gone completely senile. By now, no orc actually even remembers her age. Many say that either she has been blessed by Luthic, the Cave Mother, or Yurthus just forgot about her body, even if her mind has began to rot.

Kolli, Katti, and Mirri

Kolli, Katti, and Mirri are a group of three bakeneko oni (see p. 14 of Beasts of the East for details). They all look like sphynx cats. Kolli is grotesquely fat and unabashed male with orange eyes, whereas Katti and Mirri are both females with more slender frames. The only obvious sign thing differentiating the two is the way their heterochromatic eyes are: Katti has a yellow right eye and blue left eye, whereas Mirri has them the other way around. All three are adorned with a mismatch of golden jewellery and each wants to be considered the most beautiful of them, including Kolli.


The main power source of Soulforge are the salamander (see p. 266 of the Monster Manual for details) Liero and her brood. Liero places great significance on the culture and tradition embodied in her metalwork. She is a proud, haughty being and despises those of savage cultures without any artifacts to prove their civilisation, leaving it to mutate with retelling and eventually perish.


A lieutenant in the Skulls, Luupa is a highly respected older goblin (Goblin Boss, see p. 166 of the Monster Manual for details) who mostly spends his days attending to his shop. He is somewhat envious of Kal-Lo for the power the latter wields but also understands the benefits of subordinating himself to the Bugbear. Luupa is, by his very nature, a bootlicker who thinks the fact he thinks himself above others is a well-kept secret.


Mamma Melchin is an older bugbear lady (Bard with Bugbear racial traits; see pp. 119 and 211 of Volo's Guide to Monsters for details) and actually the aunt of Kal-Lo. She dabbles in primal alchemy with various results: the potions she provides heal d20-6 hit points, with negative values being dealt as poison damage. If a 1 is rolled, the character is also poisoned for 1d4+1 rounds. If a 20 is rolled, a random disease or poison is removed in addition to the healing. Mamma Melchin does not have a particularly good relationship with her nephew because she finds him to be wasting his potential but she has Kal-Lo's protection nevertheless. The fact that he failed his rite of maturity and later usurped and killed the elders with whom Melchin was affiliated only makes this worse.


Despite being relatively new to Raakamah, Turisas is an older subek (see p. 371 of the Tome of Beasts for details) that has managed to carve a niche for himself in the community. Despite his good standing, he remains worried of when the blood frenzy will hit him as he cannot predict it in this strange land. The giant alligator man is a slightly reserved but helpful personality who tends to become lost on tangents about history in discussion and talk to himself while performing a task.

Minor NPCs

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